Founder GSFEN, Prof. H. E. Prince Blessing Lawal’s Welcome Address at GSFEN’s Annual Conference

Founder GSFEN, Prof. H. E. Prince Blessing Lawal’s Welcome Address at GSFEN’s Annual Conference

Recently, GSFEN successfully executed her 2nd annual conference tagged – Sustainable: Role of Leadership Post Covid-19.

The Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN) is a Global Network of Leaders that believe in making the world a better place to live in for everyone through a collective efforts and impacts in Education, Empowerment, Human Rights, Humanitarian Actions and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Global Founder, Prof. H. E. Prince Blessing Lawal rendered his welcome address:

Greetings, your Excellency Tahir Shabani,
Greetings Amb. Musa Olatunji, President, African Continent,
Greetings Amb. John Aggrey, VP & Director of Engagement, African Continent
Greetings, Planning Committee Team
All Ambassadors and Participants,
Ladies and gentle men.

I give glory to God for sparing our lives and keeping us from the scourge of global pandemic Coronavirus.

It’s indeed a very challenging year globally, but, God, in his infinite mercy, has given us much success in spite of these odds. Glory be to God.

We added over 100 new Ambassadors, 3 countries and more than 15 Honorary Doctor of Excellence Awardees.

A few humanitarian actions were recorded in Albania, India and Nigeria especially during the first wave of Coronavirus.

Three Ambassadors were promoted;

  1. Amb. Durim Komi, from Ambassador to Coordinator for Balkans countries
  2. Amb. Musa Olatunji, from VP to President, African Continent
  3. Amb. John Aggrey, from Director of Engagement to VP & Director of Engagement, African Continent

In fulfilment of the United Nations 17th Goal, we entered into partnership with GNDR, UN Global Market, UN SDG Action, World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) among others in the year 2020.

Two notable marriages were recorded while additional two marriages would hold by next month, December 2020.

Today, i welcome you to the 2nd Annual Leadership Conference titled, Sustainability: Role of Leadership Post Covid 19.

Globally, several countries are undergoing leadership problems at the moment. Several protests have been demonstrated while some are still ongoing.

The future of World Economy depends on good leadership and governance by countries of the world.

The global pandemic has posed an acute adverse effect on the world economy and global peace.

Government Leaders, NGOs Leaders, and all recognized world Leaders should come together and fine tune a sustainable growth, development and peace through a collective effort and impact in Health, Climate change and Humanitarian actions.

Government of Countries should work harmoniously with United Nations and it’s Agencies such as World Health Organization, World Trade Organisation, World Bank, among others.

Government of every countries should empower their youths and women to becoming self reliant and employers of labour. By these, the world will witness a sustained growth and development, and the World will be at peace.

On final note, I would like to recognize a few Ambassadors who performed their best during the year 2020. They are;
Special Award of Excellence

  1. Amb. Musa Olatunji
  2. Amb. John Aggrey
  3. Amb. Ikimat Salawu Yusuff
  4. Amb. Ayodeji (Lagos)
  5. Amb. Victor Lawal
  6. Amb. Ruhamah Ifere
  7. Amb. Augustine Igweshi

Special Honor of Excellence

  1. Amb. Tahir Shabani
  2. Amb. Prof Samuel Awobode
  3. Amb. Prophet (Dr) Stephen Adehuwa (JP)

Lastly, a new Director of Special Duties will be appointed and his appointment will take effects from 2nd January 2021.

Amb. Ridwan Agboluaje (Lagos).

Thank you everyone and God bless.

The leadership conference was a success as many participants testified to have gained a lot that will improve their leadership skills.

Ikimat Salawu Yusuff

Ikimat is an author, a creative writer, a teacher, a public speaker and a mentor for teenage girls.

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